The Honda VTEC Challenge is an exceptionally friendly race series that was launched to provide a home for those with performance Honda cars who were looking to take their first steps into motor racing or for existing Honda racers who were keen to race in a dedicated one make series.

Whether your aim is to progress to the heady realms of BTCC, become the next F1 champion, or you just want to have some fun racing fellow Honda owners, the Honda VTEC Challenge has so much to offer. All Hondas are welcome including all models of CRX, Civic, Integra, Accord, Prelude and S2000.

2016 sees the continuation of the series with events at some of the UK's premier circuits, which will offer drivers the chance to follow in the footsteps of their racing heroes.

With a friendly paddock atmosphere and help available that covers every aspect from licensing questions to car preparation and trackside repairs, why not find out how you can fast track your way to the grid?

The information you will find on this web site will help guide you through the steps to becoming a licensed race driver and ready for your first event.


Silverstone with the VTEC Challenge was my first race weekend as a driver and right from the off I was made to feel very welcome by everyone which puts you in a good mindset for the weekend!

Jonathan and Lindsey make sure everybody is in place and ready to go for each session, keep everyone well informed and provide the most incredible selection of cakes! After race 1 I had some repairs to do and parts to find, straight away I was presented with what I needed from the communal spares package that is carried! They got me out for Sunday’s race and I had a great weekend overall!

Perfect series to start out in and there’s a mixture of novice and experienced people on hand to offer help and advice. Couldn’t have picked a better series to start my racing!

Craig Smith, #20 Production Class DC2 Integra

I can not thank Jonathan and Lindsey enough, it's a true delight how welcoming everybody has been to me in the VTEC Challenge, no sooner had I arrived in the paddock at Silverstone than Phil Wright had approached me to welcome me, followed by Jonathan and Lindsey to make sure I had ample parking and to see if they could help in any way, which was very refreshing from my previous experiences in my years of Motorsport.

Even little things leading up to the first round such as Lindsey asking everyone what sort of treats she could bake for us, to the banter at the trophy presentation you realise everyone is best of friends, this is a family of like minded Honda enthusiasts that are there for each other, respectful on track and off.

Bring on Rockingham where I am looking forward to racing my “Panic Link Motorsport” Civic once more with Motors TV coverage in the best Honda race series there is, the Honda VTEC Challenge.

Will Watkin, #100 Tuner Class EP3 Civic

I have been a part of The VTEC Challenge since it’s inception in 2011, firstly as a driver/entrant and latterly as a sponsor who is now looking to come back and racing actively in the series again.

I have been around many a Motorsport paddock over my years both as a driver and as support crew looking after customers cars and if there is one standout point above all others it is that the VTC is the most welcoming and friendly race series I have ever been a part of.

Everybody involved is doing it for the love of the sport and not for huge financial benefit. Most of the entrants are driving their pride and joy so are all well aware of the potential expense if things go wrong, so driver etiquette out on track is high priority. No room for panel basher racing here!!

Sure there have been one or two incidents, of course it is to be expected in racing but there is never any bad blood and always the offer of help to get the cars back out is forthcoming from within the VTC community…including your competition.

As a sponsor, this paddock atmosphere and the feel of a close community is important to us, we wouldn’t want to be associated with some of the antics we’ve seen from other race series that’s for sure.

If you are new to racing, a trackday driver looking to move up or simply fancy a fresh life challenge then you really could do an awful lot worse than join the fun of the VTC.

Richard Voaden, #24 Tuner class Prelude and series sponsor for 3 years

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